About Legal Audio Video

In 2000, we were contacted by well-known criminal defense attorney Gerald Lefcourt.  Along with five other criminal defense firms, he was in need of a vendor to convert or "digitize" cassette tape recordings containing more than 1600 hours of archived audio to WAV files for computer playback.  The case was U.S. v. Black or internally known as "uptick."  It was a great beginning and very quickly we found ourselves working closely with the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York overseeing thousands of hours of wire-tap and bodywire recordings created by the FBI.  Mainly drug, organized crime and illegal stock trading cases.  We recognized there was a broader need for these kind of services and soon began working with other private investigative firms and legal professionals throughout New York City.  We named our company LegalAudio.
Now we are Legal Audio Video.  We continue to manage countless hours of digital audio and video evidence for Private Law Firms, Investigative Agencies, Law Enforcement and Federal Agencies across the U.S. and abroad.  These cases include Federal, State and Local, criminal, civil, employment, banking,
insurance, homeland security, anti terrorism, medical, matrimonial, personal injury, maritime and others.

A highlight from 2005 was assisting the US Attorney's Office, EDNY on the first Anti-Terrorism case tried in the United States.  The case: U.S. v. Al Moayad .  There were countless hours of recorded evidence. Interestingly, the audio and video was recorded separately on two, independant devices in a hotel room in Frankfurt, Germany.  It was requested that we combine these two proprietary recordings and create new video footage with synced audio.  Other video and audio editing and forensic services were performed as well, including court testimony before U.S. District Judge Sterling Johnson Jr.

Firms both, large and small contact us daily.  We are a private company and this gives us the ability to meet the demands of our clients with creativity and personalization.  We're curious in ways that benefit the outcome and always willing to take that additional step.  Our goal is to make sure you benefit from our experience and years of managing audio and video evidence.  We're confident our background, reputation and professionalism will convince you to:  "Get LegalAudioVideo on your next case!"
LegalAudioVideo is a division of AudioPaint, Ltd.
  1. Frank Piazza - President
    Frank Piazza - President
    ... member of the Audio Engineering Society, LEVA, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and associate member of New York State Criminal Defense Lawyers